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Dominica passport

Not everyone knows how difficult it is to obtain a second citizenship, and they have to go through other difficult stages to obtain temporary residence and, in the best of cases, permanent residence in that country, presenting difficult documents.

For example, as you know, in the EU countries there is no permanent residence from the beginning and the residence is issued temporarily, this temporary residence must be extended for 5 years to become permanent residence. Keep in mind that permanent residence is not citizenship or citizenship of that country, and these are two completely different categories that also have a difficult path to achieve the same permanent residence, because the condition to extend temporary residence to become permanent residence is that First, live in that country for at least 180 days a year, pay taxes and pay premiums.


After 5 years of permanent residence in a European country, it is necessary to spend another 5 years of permanent residence and also pay income tax in these 5 years to be able to apply for citizenship of that European country, which we conclude. In total, a period of 10 years is needed to qualify for citizenship or citizenship of that country, while the last condition is to master the official language of that country.

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But getting a passport from Dominica is a great achievement, because according to the Dominican citizenship law, having residency is not a prerequisite. To obtain Dominican citizenship and a passport, not only the above problems and concerns, but also due to the political situation and sanctions and the upward trend in currency prices, there is no risk of extension, but compared to obtaining residence in European countries. (not citizenship) easier, cheaper and also achieved faster and in about 5 months. See Criminal Lawyers

Swimming in Cozumel – When to visit and Best spots to go


The little island of Cozumel off the east bank of Yucatan is known as a submerged paradise all things considered. The reasonable, marine life rich waters draw in guests from everywhere the world to find the spot that even the celebrated oceanographer, Jacques Cousteau referenced as probably the best spot to jump.

On the off chance that you choose to come and investigate this objective, here we mention to you what the best places are for swimming in Cozumel where turtles, stingrays and ocean stars are anticipating you.

Free Snorkeling In Cozumel

Cozumel is a heaven island with an awesome coastline, yet to find the best swimming sea shores, it is a great idea to get familiar with somewhat about the island’s topographical highlights.

The east and northern sides don’t have great swimming because of the regularly difficult situations and solid undersea flows.

The best spots for swimming in Cozumel can be found on the west and south-west, wind and wave secured side of the island.

The swimming sea shores here have normally shallow and quiet water with ideal conditions for apprentices and children as well.

At sandy sea shores, the water can get dinky so for the best insight, it is smarter to search for rough spots where the perceivability is superb. Additionally, there are some magnificent boat-available reefs that are likewise worth to visit, likewise on the western and south-western side. Source (agent immobilier angers)